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100% Armega Tear-offs


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Standard Armega

  • Fit the 100% Armega goggles.


Armega Perminter Laminated Tear-Offs

  • Fit the 100% Armega goggles.
  • Each 7-stack of laminated tear-offs has a strip of clear adhesive around bottom tear-off. To install, it sticks to the lens. Creating a ‘seal' around the perimeter, between the lens and tear-offs. Preventing moisture or debris from getting between the tear-off stack and lens. Because if water gets between there (common battle in the goggle world) the tear-offs become irrelevant - you’re still seeing the water or debris since it is below the bottom tear-off. Definitely for the very serious racer, not the average rider. Our top-level pro riders have been testing these for a while in muddy conditions on our Racecraft & Accuri. But we are only going to sell them for the new ARMEGA as a high-end race solution.